When you don’t have history ……………..

A weekend sojourn to friends for a meal raised a perplexing question – when three out of the four have a history and the fourth doesn’t have as much history, should the three not chat about their past? My other half and I and the husband of the couple have been close friends for 20 years plus and wife has been around for about 6 years. I normally try and turn the “boys” away from their remember when conversations out of respect for her as they tend to involve a string of pre-wife girlfriends – said husband was a bit of a player in his younger days. This time I chose to let it ride (malicious curiosity it must be said as she had just expressed her support of hunting – a taboo topic for me, utterly barbaric). Sadly I should have followed my head and not my heart because before you could say “hot damn” there was an atmosphere as thick as lumpy custard which slightly soured the wonderful meal – a barrage of king prawns done on a gas braai with various sauces etc – droolicious.

So my question to the world at large is : the passage of time = history and related experiences. Should they be a closed book when you have a new partner?

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