Flight 175, while the world watched

The title of a documentary re-airing in our part of the world. Having been a visitor to the Twin Towers and viewed with awe and splendour the view from 110 floors up the events 0f 9/11 had a ceratin poignancy for us, over and above the terrible loss of life and devasating tragedy that, in a nutshell, changed the world. The program speaks to the air traffic controllers and families of those who perished on this particular flight. To be practical, grief is grief and what these people went through is beyond comprehension. However, what touched me was the recorded conversations from the flight (and from the tower) of people calling their loved ones to tell them what was going on – there is a hopelessness, a shocking realisation of what is transpiring that grips their voices like some malevolant disease. I sat in the lounge last night, a cup of tea in hand and cried like a baby (again) – it was like watching a sci fi movie.

Do I remember where I was almost 9 years ago –  without a doubt. At work, radio on when there was an announcement of an “incident” in New York, Ran downstairs to the coffee shop and watched in abject horror like some spaced out goldfish as the bricks and mortar of the place that we had been three years previously fell like a house of cards.

“Evil is unspectacular and always human
And shares our bed and eats at our own table.”

W.H. AUDEN, Herman Melville

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