On being “gatvol”


Have you ever had that heavy feeling on your chest when you wake up?

No not the cat, or the health-related kind where a trip to the quack is probably your best bet before someone has to choose coffin handles  but the kind where you know for a fact that there’s crap on the horizon a.k.a. what will happen if I don’t investigate that electrical burning smell! So I’ve been doing the whole thing for the last few days and initially thought the

nasty “black dog” of it all had popped in for a visit  but after some serious thinking last night and into the wee hours of this morning I’ve come to the conclusion that being depressed has got diddly squat to do with bugger all. The bottom line is I’m “gatvol”, I’m mad at the world, I’m irritated and brassed off and generally fed up with everybody and everything. My nice fairy has gone on vacation and the old witch caretaker has moved in.

Now you might say “wow an epiphany, an ah ha moment, she has seen the light” – fair enough but now what? I’m pissed off, hooray for me and then?????


3 thoughts on “On being “gatvol”

  1. Oh my word! DITTO! I feel like finding my frigging good luck fairy and pulling her wings off and feeding it to her with a damn spoon! Gatvol describes my mood perfectly! I have a stapeler on my desk that I’m currently throwing at everybody! (Only because they won’t allow me to bring my BB gun back to work… gggrrr…)

  2. *deep sigh*
    I walked out and around the block today to prevent myself from klapping a colleague. Not the wisest thing to do, considering the area, but I think the look on my face warned people to keep their (very safe) distance.

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