The best laid plans of mice and men

often go awry said Robbie Burns and John Steinbeck AND me. So the weekend was good, we had a braai (pork sausages with bits of apple in them and chicken kebabs – apologies to the vegies out there) – gorgeous weather during the day, frosty and wet at night (so utterley fabulous re the wetness of it all as we’ve had an incredibly dry winter). Then we had “outlaw” issues – urrgggh – oh and yes anybody who says be nice to them has obviously never owned any!

The outlaw thing then led to, shall we say, a difference of opinion with my Himself who continues to buy the bullshit and the sob stories and the whole gloomy guilt trip of being their son (one of five children just by the way). Which led to Himself having a dropped lip (is the SULK not just the most destructive of emotions in a relationship????) and the level of concentration degenerated into a grunt fest that cavemen would have aspired to back in the day! And you know all I wanted to do this past long weekend – read my book, potter in the garden and do some cross stitch (very therapeutic for the naysayers out there).

On a good note, I did manage to avoid telling the one who pays my salary what a complete arse he is (that must count for something even if it’s true) and lunch was GOOD – in the fresh air, under a stripey brolly, avocado on health bread brimming with nuts and seeds and a vase of delicious mocha coffee.

The best bit for today (obviously discounting health, family and all that good stuff) is the dearest friend who made a big dish of butternut and feta canneloni last night and brought me enough for my dinner tonight (Himself is thankfully out of town until tomorrow).

One thought on “The best laid plans of mice and men

  1. Sorry to hear the outlaws raised their ugly heads again and caused friction between Himself and you 😦
    Hope everything is back to normal the Wildie household.

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