The NYR – from a different angle

The often maligned prospect of the New Years Resolution – why do it? Let’s have a new philosophy – no pressure to do anything new as such (learn the ramba, speak serbo-croat, run through death valley, world peace) – why not a committment to do whatever we do better. Be a better friend, be a better child, be a better colleague, be a better sibling, be a better volunteer……………. and if learning something new comes along with it – BONUS!

2 thoughts on “The NYR – from a different angle

  1. And far more emotionally fulfilling than the tired resolutions of joining a gym, etc.
    How’re you doing, Wildie? I’ve just seen your mail – apologies, I’ve had some ‘conflicts of interest’ with my email and pc. I need to set Skype up again, and will mail you the minute it’s done.
    All the very best to you and hubby for 2011. May it be a year filled with love, light, happiness and good health; and may you succeed at everything you do.

    • No stress – I’m starting to “find myself” again – what a cliche I know but close to the truth. Look forward to chatting again soon – luv to you, GR and Marmee. Everything that’s special for 2011 – Wildie

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