Nay sayers – Bleugh

Africa stooped under the burden of decade old drought, Europe has been buried in snow and appallingly crap weather – the States have had record snowfalls – Australia has been experiencing floods of “biblical” proportions

see Floods Australia 

yet humanity is crawling with those who would say that global warming is a fallacy and is just scaremongering by the bunny huggers. Well I say – phooey, wake up world – humanity is in deep trouble. Yes I fully understand that “green power” seems to be a long way away and for most countries is just too damn expensive for the man in the street – power to drive factories, to create jobs, to feed the populace is the very fabric of society and for now we have to rely on “poisonous” power but dont close your eyes to the coming storm. Even in our own little piece of paradise we are experiencing rain of chaotic proportions – never has the holiday season yielded so many wet, wet days

see KZN rainfall 

– as I write the rain is hammering down outside, creating it’s own strident symphony on the roof.

Perhaps the most offensive denial raising it’s ugly head is the growing mob that insist the Holocaust never occured – can you fathom it? And no, I don’t have Jewish heritage or any link to the Jewish faith at all but I am a human being who has read the books, seen the pictures, watched the documentaries and visited the sites

see USHMM 

– I can’t get to grips with or even try and justify where this sub-culture comes from. It can’t be through a lack of knowledge – the information is out there. Once again, I don’t believe anyone is asking for the Holocaust to be plastered all over the media and shoved in peoples faces 24 hours per day but dont deny that it ever took place – that’s just stupid (to flog a really over-used word). Move forward, embrace religious differences and ensure that it never happens again – that said the hutu/tutsi genocide in the 90’s was ethnic cleansing to the ultimate degree

see Rwanda .

Sadly, history seems to repeat itself and mans brutality is indescribable – let it be said, being a member of the human race is often nothing to be proud of.

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