You know you’re getting old when …

The first thought engendered by sunshine and blue skies is not “Playtime” but “thanks goodness – an opportunity to wash linen and towels”. Ensconced at my hair guru on Saturday (sadly not as progressive as dear Halfy– nary a drop of champagne in sight 😦 we were chatting about this and that when one of the silver surfers excitedly piped up about how she wished she was “young” again and could spend her weekends having a “knees up

at the beach”  her words not mine 😉

She was horrified when the younger crowd – all 40 something to be honest – glibly informed her that we would be slaving over a “hot” washing machine and ironing board – not a glad rag or a high heel to be seen! I was going to proudly announce that housework is a lot easier with these guys on the stereo (a mop does make a fine air guitar)

and an ice cold bottle of pink bubbles to crown the post-chore celebration party but erred on the side of caution, perhaps information overload – I mean my reputation.

4 thoughts on “You know you’re getting old when …

    • Hey Cin – was just thinking of you actually (great minds and all that), was given Fair Lady’s food mag by a friend to read – all glorious. stylish food and thought to myself just up Cindy’s street! Question about Kasper – got a text from her for New Years and wanted to get back in contact but I see she’s stopped blogging and before I e-mail her at work I wanted to check if you know if everything’s ok? Tx Wildie

  1. Hehehe, I’ll have to have a word with your hair guru!
    My first thought when I saw the sun over the weekend was Party! Then I had a rethink, and like the boring, responsible adult I am decided the laundry was more important (inbetween the spring clean and raucous visitors)!

    PS: You have mail 🙂

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