The things you do for love ……..

After a trying work day (think regulatory reports: pages and pages and pages of boring drivel), I had a plan. Baking – yes I know the stuff to cause a weather phenomenon of epic proportions, mainly because I haven’t wielded a whisk in #$%^& months. Creative, homely, inspiring – all that good house wifely type stuff.

Well that was the plan and then my computer beeped – a skype from DH ” It’s such a glorious evening lets go for a walk.” For clarity when DH and I talk walk it should be understood that it’s not a stroll, it’s heart pumping sweat inducing exercise. So *vigorously polishing my halo* I can report that we walked (5km) and it was fabulous. Dry, cool and a sky that would have had the angels singing with its clarity after all the rain.

It did mean that dinner got shifted waayyyy out and there was much muttering over the salad making at 8pm but still “the things you do for love” and the baking, well …. tonight’s the night and I’m trying a “farm style bread”, hold on to your hats and your brollies!

6 thoughts on “The things you do for love ……..

  1. Cooking is my release, other than a hot bubbly bath it really is the only way I can relax and de-stress.
    Sorry for barging in and hope you don’t mind the intrusion.

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