The Modern Woman’s Lament

Greta Garbo said something along the lines of “I want to be alone” – I concur. Why is it that nobody will leave me alone? Does that sound arrogant – maybe you would say be grateful that people want you in their lives? This too is true but just for a little while I want to be left in peace. We’ve just been away for a few days to a quiet midlands retreat where there were green fields, lots of trees, cows and horses and sheep, big skies and a tractor or 3. We sat on a very deep-set old fashioned verandah and watched the world. We drank red wine (in really hideous glasses, not that it affected the taste a jot). The rhythm was slow and unhurried – in fact, other than getting takkies on to go for various walks with DH – I spent 5 days in my pj’s (please note not a hint of guilt). I ignored my phone – checked my e-mails only once (which is good for me, really), watched dreadfully girly movies on the box. DH plugged into his computer during said episodes casting a baleful glance at yet another dose of “angst”.

The downside of all this relaxation is that now that “normality” has returned and I use that word lightly I am painfully aware of how ridiculous “normality” has become. My jaw is sore from my plastered on smile, my voice hoarse from being sugary sweet and my ear crushed from having a landline adhered to its lobe and a mobile tucked under my jaw.

Just 5 minutes where you are responsible only to and for yourself.



2 thoughts on “The Modern Woman’s Lament

  1. Midlands Saddle and Trout – it was timeshare but I’m sure you can rent (also out of season – problematic that with your dear OB). Wonderful posts as always my friend, you are my first read of the day 🙂

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