Big Skies, No Rain and wistful thinking



Snapped out of the passenger seat with trusty cellphone (nokia something or the other) while out and about over the weekend. Skies full of promise and not a drop of rain – it’s so dry you can literally feel the life evaporating out of all and sundry. It’s been really oppressive in our part of the world – almost as though you’re moving in a primeval ooze, in truth summer is not my favourite time of the year. Bring on the crispness of autumn and the bite of winter.

We continue to walk twice a week and as much as it pains me to admit it’s incredibly therapeutic. Getting going is the biggest hurdle to overcome, especially after a crap work day. We are fortunate to live in a “green belt” with lots of trees, a valley or two and a smattering of quietish roads to pound and once the initial shock has worn off of actually having to exercise your lungs for some other reason than yelling obscenities there is a certain rhythm to the whole process which helps to clear your head. The sound of the wind through a family of pine trees, teeny tiny bats of some description swooping through the rays of a waning sun, even the incredulous glances of passing motorists as they roar off to some incredibly important destination makes for a rich 45 minutes.

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