Are you a chucker or a keeper?

In the literal sense that is. Is your space filled with stuff, are you a minimalist or are you somewhere in the middle? Honestly, I used to be a hoarder of epidemic proportions – i kept everything! One fine Saturday morning (and it wasn’t even spring), DH was out of the country on business when the bug bit and I started to “chuck out”. In fact if it wasn’t nailed down and hadn’t seen the light of day in the past 2 years it was gone to greener pastures (SPCA, orphanages, old age homes etc).

I created a “memories” box that is full of those things that are sentimental to me – nothing fancy, in fact an old shoe box that used to be home to the most comfy pair of boots i have ever owned (long deceased sadly). Our home is full of photographs but I’ve managed to convince myself that they dont count as junk and are more of a decorative accessory. The only two things that don’t fit in the box are a black and white panda that my pop bought the day i was born 40 something years ago and a knitted blanket that my mom and I made together when I was a teenager – they live together on a stool in the corner of our bedroom and literally give me warm and fuzzy feelings everytime they catch my eye πŸ™‚

The head doctors would probably wax lyrical about the fact that hoarding is a sign that you are trying to make up for some other shortfall in your life and minimalism reflects your disconnectedness (is there such a word) from life and emotional bonds. A lot of phooey I reckon – I can proudly hold my hand up as a recovering hoarder and being a non-minimalist as such am very happy to say that middle of the road is a lot more fun and far less to dust!

4 thoughts on “Are you a chucker or a keeper?

  1. im a bot of both. im a notorious chucker of stuff i dont understand (my ex used to force me to put old batteries and chargers in the man drawer at home) but letters and cards, photos and notes are things i hold onto forever

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