Medusa Moments

This is purely an accumluation of splintered thoughts intended to allow me the pleasure of venting my frustrations, it’s cheaper than alcohol and doesn’t give me a headache.!

Why is that men in general are so utterley useless at getting anything done? I work in a totally male dominated industry (have I already said that? cant remember, must be an age thing) and for the last 48 hours everything with testicular genitalia (and there have been many) that has crossed my path has failed dismally in his purile efforts to finalise, tie-up, wind-up and conclude. You know that old saying about men being unable to multi-task – so true!

As a long suffering breasted being I throw this question out to the men in industry – why are your issues more important than mine? Why should your computer glitch, your written epistle disaster, your need to re-analyse the same “hypothetical” problem for the umpteenth time take preference over what I’m doing to deal with daily comings and goings of the company that actually (literally) keep the wheels turning. I don’t have time to change your nappy or wipe your tail!

If I was a biter, I would have no nails left at all in my efforts to contain my errant tongue that is frantically squirming about in its efforts to verbalise my fractured feelings. If I was Medusa , I would be surrounded by my own personal army of concrete mannequins that I could utilise as targets and exercise my stapler throwing arm with great alacrity.

\”Men are from Mars / Women are from Venus\” should be renamed Planet Pomposity versus Reality Street on the corner of Get on with it Avenue!

5 thoughts on “Medusa Moments

  1. Anything but rooibos and we’re in business 🙂 I have however just been skyped by a friend who has suggested drinks after work, a particularly fabulous idea I thought and worthy of a cheesy grin 😀

  2. I’m beginning to think all men are like that. My husband started a wood project, refuses to go out and buy the inexpensive piece of furniture he is trying to make, and as the deadline for needing this piece of furniture approaches…he asks me to finish it for him.

    Which is fine, except for the fact that the piece of furniture is a CRIB and he is asking his wife who is 8 MONTHS PREGNANT to go down and finish his ALMOST COMPLETELY UNSTARTED PIECE OF SHIT for him.

    Look on the bright side. At least you can drink. >_>

    • Ok you win :O I know it’s your hubby but I would still feel very inclined to smack him with said half undone piece of wood! Congrats though with little one on the way, even if it is bed-less and thanks for popping.

      Cheers – here’s to a post poppet celebratory drink 🙂

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