Gratitude, Girlfriends and Gossip

in no particular order!

Gratitude seems to be the buzzword of the moment – there are self-help books, leather-bound journals to express your G factor in writing, talkshows and celebrity endorsers abound. Normally a self-righteous “please people get a life” would come cantering from my scything tongue and charge into the melee casting the posers aside with cries of “be grateful to wake-up in the morning”, “be grateful for air to breathe and water to drink”, “live your life like you’re damn grateful to be on the planet”. However, today, in the spirit on guruness and gratitude glorification I want to say I’m grateful for the women in my life.

For girlfriends (both in the flesh and in cyberworld) who will listen to your ramblings without having a contrary opinion, who will let you moan and end-off by saying “I’m here for you, anytime”, who will tell you if they think you’re wrong even if you don’t want to hear it, who will drool over gorgeous men and delicious food without having something better to do, who will take your fifth phone call of the day without saying “now what”, who care how your day has been – good or bad. It’s the perpetual mystery – why do women do being friends better than men, why do women “get” how to be a friend and men dont? Do women care more – do we have an inbuilt fountain of empathy that has withered and dried up in the male of the species?

Here’s to the women in my life – long may we stand strong!

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