The quest for equality

Not a political rallying cry, not a question of colour or religion – it’s all about sex.

Why does your physical make-up still have such a huge impact on your existence? From Florence Nightingale to Emmeline Pankhurst – From Marie Curie to Germaine Greer – each of these unique women and so many others like them have opened doors for our generation, raised that ubiquitous glass ceiling and obliterated the gender-based barriers of old. Yet despite this “progress” the slightly sour taste of an old boys club is still redolent in the modern age.

Physical strength comparisons are a moot point – there are simply and without discussion certain activities where a man’s brute strength is greater than that of a woman’s – it is as it is!

What I’m referring to is that faintly condescending manner, surprised and patronising revolving around things business related, mechanical, sporting and financial. I’m just blown away that because you’re a girl apparently makes you somehow slightly less important, less worthy and less capable than a boy.

Postscript: This is not meant as an anti-men diatribe in the slightest – however, these are two examples (Honor Killings and Womens Rights) of why the road to equality is still a long, bumpy and steep climb.



5 thoughts on “The quest for equality

  1. Amen….I started life in a journo’s office where the girls got all the human interest stories, nit the hard news, and the editor could never quite look you in the eye; and right now I’m staring some extremely arrogant clergy down, talking in words of one syllable while they defend hemselves by talking in riddles. I fear there will never be a time when some – and by no means all- men are just plain threatened by us; and I have grown to recognise that defensive behaviour can take many forms including pomposity and condescention.
    Loving your tweets, Bandsmoke.

    • Aaah religious-based gobbledygook – enough material for a university degree. So agree with your comments but still battle with the “defensiveness” of it all 😦 Thank you for your twitter compliment and its Linda 🙂

    • Thanks Cindy – I hope you have a wonderful break in Cape Town this weekend. Please take best care of yourself – I have been watching your health stuff with great concern 😦

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