3 Steps left of Centre

In an attempt to resurrect our former “walking” week, DH and I cajoled each other into a 5km jaunt last night. He runs, I “power walk” (a.k.a. walk jolly quickly) – that said somehow the last six weeks skidded into obscurity without any tar pounding, shameful 😉

So on a night strongly reminiscent of Wuthering Heights (heavy mist, breezy and deathly still) we laced up (thank you Nike) and headed out. Passing the local community/civic centre we noticed a fruit salad of cars in situ. The occupants looked to be vociferously participating in a game of indoor jukskei– a harbinger of the incongruities around the corner and up the hill.

Passing the half way point, a small dark shape caught my eye (which was surprising in itself with half the blinking street lights out of order – I know you’re supposed to report the pole number but who has pen & paper to hand while sweating your way up hill and down dale). Expecting a wandering cat to skedaddle off into the shadows, I was surprised to find that the cat was hopping remarkably like a rabbit. Yes indeed, a black rabbit crossed my path and vanished into an adjacent garden (which I sincerely hope was it’s home and not the snoozing spot of ravenous rottweilers) – a black cat usually means bad luck I think, maybe a black rabbit means winning the lotto!

It had momentarily slipped my mind that things happen in threes and convinced that the last hill home would be mundane the presence of two snuggling cars parked on the verge didn’t even engender a jolt until I glanced in the car (it was red you see). The driver of the white truck was snuggling as well – with the driver of the red Audi! I’m guessing boy/girl – didn’t stop to investigate further. Surely in this day and age there must be a better place to canoodle than the side of the road? Or maybe I’m just an old married bat with no sense of adventure – hell I hope not! DH pressed a dodgy button on his watch so our time disappaeared into a digital netherworld but at least the hams got a work-out.

Now shall I walk
or shall I ride?
“Ride,” Pleasure said:
“Walk,” Joy replied.
~W.H. Davies

PS More practice pictures – will be trying my hand at birds tomorrow I think, hope the little blighters are prepared to pose 😉



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