The comfort of silence

There is a unique comfort in silence – whether flying solo or in group. To be able to hear the thoughts in your own head, to feel the power of your soul, to drown in the rhythm of your heart beat is exhilarating.

Yet there is with some a palpable fear of being with yourself – what destruction is in your psyche that doesn’t bear examining?

Reflection and introspection – a panacea for all pain.

The antithesis of course does exist – the silence filled with rage, unspoken words of anger, the air liberally saturated with barbed inunedos. A dark place, Pandora’s box – a wellspring of misery best left untouched.


4 thoughts on “The comfort of silence

  1. Oh, this rings bells for me. When I was young I would put our talk radio station on, knowing in a matter of fact way that I simply didn’t want to think. When I learnt to meditate I learnt to ride the tempest and cultivate the eye of the storm. Some days it’s possible, some times it’s not.

    Really loved this 🙂

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