My “best” thinking …………

is done in the shower. For yours truly no zen retreat or mountain hideaway, the humble shower is the wellspring of tumultuous inspiration. The only problem with this liquid enviroment is that there is never any functional writing material at hand to preserve these fleeting nuances.

That said, one thought that did linger long enough to be grasped between thumb and forefinger is that of the concept “how important is it to be friends with your husband?”

Perhaps its an age thing or even more mundanely the time of year but I find myself in flux, in a constant state of review and observation. As always my frame of reference is my own marriage and my opinions are in no way intended to be judgemental. DH and I are so very alike and yet in the ultimate cliche’ so very different. There are days when I’d like to figuratively crown him, days when he vexes me so much that I question my mental capacity when we tied the knot (Rita Rudner always makes me chuckle …….. “I love being married – its so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life”)  and I’m sure the same applies to him. Yet despite the run of the mill ups and downs we have a genuine affinity for each other.

I firmly believe that the importance of being friends in a marriage cannot be over emphasised and would perhaps even go as far as saying it should be the number one priority. When the sweet and frothy has turned wishy washy and the horizontal mambo has turned into a soft shoe shuffle, what’s the next step if you dont like each other. To clarify, a million miles from the “soul mate” horse twaddle which goes hand in hand with the pink and pretty.

I’m aiming for plain and simple:- 

Do you want to spend time together and do you like to spend time together?

4 thoughts on “My “best” thinking …………

  1. Ah, this made me laugh, Bandsmoke, you do have a way with words….when my husband and I met life moved from black and white to technicolour. The reason was because I had met a truly like mind: someone so like me that we saw life through the same lens. I know me, and the chances of that happening were slim indeed. The rest followed very well indeed: but that luxury of having a person to whom you do not have to explain the odd quirks of your mind; indeed, who has them as well; is endless.

  2. I suppose he’s s alright to spend a bit of time with – hahaha – just kidding – my hubby is the complete opposite of me, which all adds to the interest I suppose. I do my best thinking in the car – very difficult to jot down notes 😉

  3. So true 😀 I want one of those voice activated things so that when you have a moment of brilliance you can tell somebody or something and record it for posterity!

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