An ode to the Zambezi (Zambia the final chapter)

I have a faint suspicion an ode should rhyme somewhere along the line but then again poetry is not my forte’ so perhaps I should rephrase …. “A tribute to the Zambezi”?

Anyway, moving along – my 5 cents (while its still in circulation) worth …

“Your grey green depths carry a history of the ages

From Living stone to Kaunda you have watched over the land,

Giving life, taking life, carrying the people on their journey

The beasts of the earth remain, ever present, part of your bounteous harvest

Shiny black river horses grunt their defiance to the heavens

The silent crocodiles patrol your liquidness, sweeping through the darkness

Your power is fleeting, reliant on the waters from the northern hills

Yet your voice is mighty, crashing with splendid abandon over “Mosi-oa-Tunya”

Craggy face shrouded in mist you are the heart of Zambia”

4 thoughts on “An ode to the Zambezi (Zambia the final chapter)

  1. Please forgive me for not visiting your blog sooner. I don’t know why it didn’t click in my feeble brain that you blog.

    Africa has always been on my list of places to visit, and your tribute to this particular place is melodious. The photos, of course, fuel my desire to see it in the flesh. πŸ™‚

    Through Rotary, we have quite a connection with several districts in South Africa. We’ve hosted people from there in our home, and they also fueled our desire to visit. Someday……..

    • Gosh, no worries there – my blog is sadly much neglected despite best intentions to scribble more regularly! Africa is a wonderful place, there is an inherent violence (people/wildlife/nature and crime sadly) that I think is completely foreign to visitors yet the people (in general) are fantastic and there is a heartbeat in the earth that keeps you bound forever πŸ™‚

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