So, how was your day?

This first day of the new year? A brassy, bold day in Africa – pale blue skies and a light breeze.

It’s been a different start to the year in our household. Normally the first of the first is spent trekking around friends and family in a frenzy of greetings and salutations for the coming twelve months. This year, however, the humble telephone stepped up to the plate and did a stirling job in interpersonal communication – we stayed in!

“Mundane” you snort, “boring” – probably but quite cathartic nevertheless. We slept late, pajamed even later – breakfast was a hedonistic feat on the verandah accompanied by good orange juice with the bits in 😉

Our attempts at doing it “how the other half does “ didn’t last much past this first repast of the day as the pile of ironing loudly called for attention like a neglected toddler and the pea green grass grew before our eyes as we watched the hadedahs probe its luscious depths.

Conversation has been lively, bouncing rapidly from cricket to football to motorsport (our much beloved Dakar started in Argentina today) – politics and economics have both put in a good showing ….. in the interests of a well-rounded debate, naturally!

Lunch was an eclectic combination of “pigs in blankets” and the balance of last night’s bubbles partnered by a hotly contested game of Stratego.

The bulging workbag and plethora of urgent e-mails lies forgotten and forlorn – the blinking red light “look at me, look at me” studiously ignored.

Should one categorise a passage of time? I’m going to call it an idyllic day.

8 thoughts on “So, how was your day?

  1. Sounds good. This ‘ as the pile of ironing loudly called for attention like a neglected toddler ‘ made me laugh out loud!

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