Thursdays with me

So I’ve taken myself to lunch – a sad and sorry state of affairs when there’s no suitable blushing swain available to squire a lady to an elegant soiree but my “blushing swain” is otherwise occupied with a host of tasks that are too many and too tiresome for such abominably hot conditions.

My rising irritability is the driving force behind this sudden left turn (luncheon is normally take behind my computer with the telephone in my other hand). The apparition whose name is stridently emblazoned on our letterheads sadly doesn’t live up to its upright and steadfast font and is delicately disassembling my last synapse today.

In an attempt to avoid a serious attack of motor mouth and a probable spot in the unemployed queue, I have abandoned my climatically chilly salt mine for a spot under an umbrella at a local eatery. The air is thick with moisture and the wind lazy in its musings but the waitron approaches with that which will make it all better. A steaming mug of aromatic chai latte and two slices of nutty bread heaped lusciously with freshly sliced avocado pear. I imagine the thought of a hot drink seems slightly left of centre but the heady infusion of ginger and cinnamon is just what ticks my box today (besides it’s too early for a glass of champagne and probably wouldn’t do my reputation any good by arriving back at the office with a slight swagger and a glint in my eye).

Bon Appétit

“Everything I eat has been proved by some doctor or other to be a deadly poison, and everything I don’t eat has been proved to be indispensable for life. But I go marching on.” ~George Bernard Shaw

6 thoughts on “Thursdays with me

    • Thank you – hoping that a bit more structure will facilitate more writing. Sorry for replying so late 😦 somehow that little bit of breathing space seems to be just what the doctor ordered (or maybe that should be my guardian angel!

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