Thursday adieu

“My friend, so if we’d been together yesterday perhaps we would have had a milkshake at lunchtime. Next to the train station would have been nice, in that shady spot in the corner under one of those puce umbrella’s – we would have needed its paltry protection against an African sun in full cry.

You would have been adventurous and tried an exotic concoction, I would have had lime – my all time favourite. Maybe we would have chatted about your new man and your crazy career, maybe we would have talked movies and books – I would have said that I’m going to buy a kindle, you would have said “oh good, eventually – you adore books, make it easy”.

Decadent, creamy, deliciousness still comes in those old-fashioned parlour glasses and we would have chuckled while spooning out the last drop, imagining being back in the ‘50’s with bee-hive hair, poodle skirts and bobby socks.

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Maybe you would have noticed that I wasn’t my usual gabby self, you would have taken my hand and said “what’s wrong, how can I help”. I might have told you that I’m really tired, in my head that is. I would have said that it feels like the world is sitting on my shoulders, how I’m really battling to be everything for everybody, to be the person that everyone relies on for support and comfort, to maintain a happy face when all I want to do is just be quiet. You would have hugged me and said “my friend, I’m here for you – whenever you need to talk, or rant, or cry – I’ll be there”.

I would have smiled at you, taken your caring and tucked it away, like a ray of sunlight for when the clouds are really heavy and dark.

That’s what I would have done, if you’d spent Thursday with me.”

5 thoughts on “Thursday adieu

  1. Oh, Linda, it’s exhausting being all things to all men, especially when you are as good at it as you are. As someone who watches you draw people towards you with bear-hug warmth I can imagine your life must be full of buying other people milkshakes and rarely asking for the company yourself. A virtual milkshake to you, friend, and a bear hug too.

  2. Looking back over my life, I can still name friends I miss this way, either because they’re gone, or because the friendship died. However it happened, sometimes no one can compare, can they? Only that person will get why you want that milkshake, without your even having to say. Here’s another hug through the airwaves.

  3. Bittersweet.Moving words. Not many friends like that, are there. I’m sorry she/he wasn’t there for you on Thursday.

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