Macro mania – its all in the detail

So it’s Wednesday ….. and mental illness in others is beyond frustrating ….. and there’s a very real possibility that any more self-examination and contemplation might cause me to pop a gusset ….. and politics is nauseating ….. and the world economy is woeful ….. and I want to save my literary indulgence news for tomorrow …. so instead herewith my tribute to the ‘close up” button on my beloved, still largely untested, Nikon Coolpix L120.

The ideal of course, would be flora from some exotic location but while slave labour is mandatory, these unsophisticated offerings are from the parking lot at the back of my office block – one can only imagine what the street vendor who works on the road side must have thought of me crouched over some unsuspecting plant while she sold an aromatic yet fairly dubious looking dish to a queue of hungry passers by.


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