Flotsam and Jetsam

as opposed to general ramblings and other stuff as a title.

So yesterday was a carbon copy of the current onslaught of disjointedness which is becoming so prolific I’m beginning to bore myself with the repetetiveness of it all! I keep asking myself how can you be in your early 40’s and a prisoner on this ridiculous runaway roller coaster life that just keeps getting faster and busier! How can there be no time for anything?

Anyway at some stupid hour and feeling distinctly like a stale scone, I schlepped to my car to go home. There was an audible grumbling and growling as I mooched along ( like a puma with its knickers in a twist) when this caught my eye …..

Full of contrast and contradiction – light struggling against the encroaching dark or perhaps a marauding army of clouds rampaging and pillaging!

By then I was convinced insanity had definitely taken hold and I set course for safe harbour (dreadful cliche but sounded better than “I went home”). A much more convivial atmosphere cuddled me on arrival and a faint glow through the bedroom curtains led to this – a large, but very dead tree that has stood way over on the edge of the gorge for as long as i can remember. Its a favourite perch of the hadedahs, egyptian geese and the occasional bird of prey that causes much consternation when it joins the group for a mid morning chat.

I had a philosophical thought, I had a lyrical thought, I even had a useful thought that would have been a pithy, punchy conclusion to this rambling, I failed to write down a single one of them, instead I had a cup of tea which was a balm for my tortured soul (and the cliche’s just keep coming ).


8 thoughts on “Flotsam and Jetsam

  1. oh, I know how you feel 🙂 I’d be really clever and witty (yes, yes, I would) if I could hold on to those thoughts for longer than it takes them to fleet through my brain…

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