Death Becomes Her

My best friend and a work colleague both lost their mums over the past three months. As a result, what is normally a topic banished to the recesses of my mind has been much more prominent of late.

I’m very fortunate to still have both my parents and thus harbor no illusions of having any answers related to loss and grieving. In both these cases mental and physical illness was rife and their passing was a blessing – I would imagine for them and most definitely for their loved ones!

Yet again, nature becomes my point of reference. While walking the river on our last weekend break, a fallen tree caught my eye. With DH’s warning of “watch for sun bathing snakes” ringing in my ears, my camera and I went to investigate (DH couldn’t be separated from his ciabatta and “monitored” progress from a grassy bank).

A most fantastical display of plant life had sprung forth from their dying host. A veritable forest of fungi and traces of numerous bugs dashing about but I resisted temptation to break away some of the bark for a closer look. You can justimagine the headline in the local Insect News ….. “Monstrous alien invader destroys numerous homes in unprovoked raid”

6 thoughts on “Death Becomes Her

  1. Losing my mother, very slowly, was horrible; I just had to keep on keeping on until the inevitable happened. I always appreciate these tangents where the remarkable thing that is life keeps on keeping on 🙂

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