My sadly neglected blog remains in limbo as despite a transfusion of mountain air, I remain unable to write anything of any use – to me or the world for that matter. My ability to wax lyrical about life and living remains on pause so for now, photographs. Ever since the acquisition of my nikon, the whole black and white thing piques my interest but without the colour factor, the choice of subject matter gets a little more complicated.


16 thoughts on “Monochrome

  1. I would frame that top one, Linda. It is stunning.

    My Rotary District has committed to a Friendship Exchange with District 9270 (the Eastern Cape of South Africa) for next year. So, we will have some South Carolinian invaders coming your way. 🙂

    • Thanks Andra for your kind words 🙂 The Eastern Cape will be an eye opener for them, the rural districts (which is where I imagine they’ll be spending a large portion of the time are amongst the poorest in the country!

  2. I think you are an excellent photographer. Your photos look extremely professional. Once again, I find your landscape to be breathtaking!

  3. They do say a picture paints a 1000 words – just keep posting lovely b&w photo’s especially like the first one. You have inspired me to turn my camera to monochrome for the next few shots to see what happens.

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