What do you do when the night is dark

Its such a calm night I’m sitting outside under the stars. The house is in darkness except for a light in the study -DH is at work on some intricate proposal. He’ll call my name shortly, wanting to talk over and debate what he’s done. My usual pen and pad has been cast aside, the yen to be part of the darkness far outweighing the need for light and the feel of the instrument in my hand. I’m going electronic to muse and schmooze ……………

“I am in my head

I am seeking quiet respite from the noise that is the world

A place of peaceful introspection

A place to think

A place to rebuild the barriers that waiver and buckle

I close my eyes

Perhaps they think I’m asleep

I’m breathing

I hear the sound, regular and even

I’m focused on the rhythm

It is the perfect antidote to my turbulent soul

Thrown out of balance by living and life

The path is crooked, jagging from one side to the other

Yet the thread that is me remains intact

I pull on it, unsure of my footing

It holds firm guiding me forward

The way is open

Time to start again.

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