Five photographs – The Conclusion


So the theory that a series shoud run consecutively got shot to smithereens – anyway at last image 5.

This was taken while hiking to Sleeping Beauty Cave in the Drakensberg. The guide books call it “an easy excursion, take your children” – hmmmm, I’m thinking the writer had too much fresh air when that was penned.

It’s mind blowingly spectacular but hard work, especially in the summer when the water is high and you do a lot of shoes on/shoes off! Do you see the face in the rock? Maybe it’s just me – I thought “The Watcher” would be an apt name!

PS It was a really bright, cloudless day – looking at the photograph now I guess I could have “cleaned up” up a bit and reduced some of the shadow and contrast but sometimes, in my opinion, nature is best left as it is šŸ™‚

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