Three Word Friday – Darling, Look Up

So while I was bent over photographing the little things my DH was a fair distance up ahead on the path. In amongst the whisper of the breeze and the strident argument between a pair of very huffy ducks there was a tortured call of ” darling, look up”. So I did and beheld nothing other than what appeared to a mundane boulder being closely examined by my other half. I put it down to the sun being in my eyes (I suspect he may think I should wear my glasses more often) that nothing looked out of the ordinary. It was only when the call to arms was accompanied by a firm “come hither” hand gesture that I looked more closely and saw…


a rotund, fully alert yet thoroughly relaxed dassie perched on a very large boulder just off the path. He couldn’t have been more than 3 feet away from us and looked to be standing guard while his family of three popped in and out of what appeared to be their home base further up the hill. It’s closest living relative is the elephant apparently – I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have missed an elephant perched on a rock 😀


I’m not a huge horse fan, cats are more my thing but on a recent break “in the country” we got up close to these gorgeously speckled examples of the species. The first thought that came to mind was apache horses and Cochise thundering across the American plains, but after a bit of digging it would appear they are officially called Pinto’s by those in the know. Whatever the official terminology may be they appeal to me, I like the mismatch skin colouration and quite a few had different coloured eyes as well.
DSCN1711  DSCN1713


Breakfast with a difference

The mind is a powerful instrument, often neglected and abused by its master. It willingly embarks on flights of fantasy … while riding out the remote impact (read outrageous gusts of wind and heaving buckets of rain) of cyclone irina this afternoon I was instead battling the Uruk Hai alongside the brave defenders of Helms Deep.

In a similar fashion, an impromptu breakfast trip less than 30 minutes up the road and I was Karen Blixen in Out of Africa. The delights of Tala Private Game Reserve, a hidden gem in an urban enviroment.

Granted we were there early on a Saturday morning, out of school holidays but it was an oasis of calm enhanced by a stellar meal!

“You cant be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideaology of a violet” – Hal Borland Sundial of the Seasons 1964