Ordinary versus Aberrant

What separates us from the psychopaths, sociopaths and other human deviations?

What make us “normal” and some other individual an object of fear?

Is it, very simply, the ability to control your emotions in times of stress and turmoil? When your base instinct is to inflict harm but instead you walk away … is that the dividing line?

For example, yesterday a moment of intense and unadulterated rage. So intense, so encompassing and a s aresult of a person whome one is supposed to respect behaving like an uncouth, inconsiderate barbarian  Рthink Atilla on steroids! My immediate thought (honestly- straw that broke the camels back scenario) was over the balcony much like Lady Macbeth and her ever present spot.

Instead my “normalness” won the day and I retired to my office to contemplate my fate over a cup of tea and Van Halen on the ipod.

Can it be that simple – the dichotomy between functional and dysfunctional?