Of Birds, Barack and Tying the knot (again).

So what I meant to say last Tuesday was:-

Our touristy Sunday was heavily inspired by my friend Kate who is particularly adept at “getting out” at the weekends and doing all manner of interesting things in her own backyard. I suspect DH was initially not overly keen but came away with a healthy interest in all things feathered (and not Las Vegas showgirls). We did pick the warmest day to be about and about – a sizzling 37 deg Celsius and some of the smaller birds did look to be panting – perhaps panting is perhaps an anomaly in terms rather gripping the wire fence with their beaks open and looking distinctly steamy. The amount of security in place at the park is a sad testament of humanitys’ greed as I believe the illegal trade in birds has reached epidemic proportions. The park is also involved with breeding endangered cranes and in the “baby room” the sweetest little (what I believe to be) macaw was in the window watching the world go by.


“We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form. ” –William Ralph Inge

–          I have been struck of late by the amount of vitriol being levied at Barack Obama. He was classed as the all conquering hero when he first came to power yet now he is the neighbourhood pariah. Two things in particular strike me (oh yes, just for clarity as a non US citizen I really don’t give a tinkers doo da who rules the roost) :-

(a). He inherited a shit storm when took over from the war mongering George Bush – a country at war and huge economic debt. Can somebody make a cognisant suggestion as to how he gets out of Iraq/Afghanistan? If he pulls out completely now he will be labelled as deserting a country in turmoil and if he stays there he will be accused of costing more American lives and money – damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

(b). How do you implement economic policy in an effective manner when it can be halted (whether for better or worse) by the other side without so much as a second thought for what’s best for the country.

– We are going to a family wedding in December – his second, her third. They are very comfortable financially and literally have everything that opens and shuts. What to do for a wedding gift? My friend and colleague Rose (yes she of the Fruit Squares) came up with the idea of supporting the My Acre of Africa Foundation (basic info here as the website is under maintenance). Doable I think – something that is personal and has longevity? Thoughts anyone?

PS I’ve just had a call from DH to say his mother’s car (a very old VW Beetle – original shape) is parked outside our local pub on fire (she’s fine, I asked). I didn’t know whether to ask what set the car off or why she was outside the pub in the first place – I will say it again, Monday’s have a tendancy to be just that little extra weeny smidge left of centre!

“día terrible maldición “

which I’m told means – damn awful day. I had a spring basket brimming with wonderful anecdotes and delicious stories of our touristy trip to Umgeni River Bird Park on Sunday accompanied by a plethora of not bad pics 🙂

Thanks to a stressful work day infected with stupidity, poor service and general lackadaisical malady I am now so brim filled with acidic viperousity I shall spare the world in general from my ugly mouth and instead share some of the 221 images taken (currently weeded to 130 – more culling definitely required.)



Birds of a feather

play silly buggers and are remarkably unco-operative when it comes to posing for pictures! Despite dark glasses, a trilby hat and overcoat my feeble attempts at stalking their plumaged selves amounted to a hill of beans and a string of blurry photographs as they went streaking past my prone form into the heavens. After a flood of very uncivilised expletives I retreated into the lounge and took up a new position on my haunches in the bay window. These are the results (please note the slight silvery tinge is not as a result of grubby windows but because of the sunfiltering film that is in situ – well thats my theory anyway).