The final countdown

In seven words: your dream holiday?

– Istanbul to Venice on the Orient Express.

In six words: your favourite thing to do on a sunday afternoon?

– Lie on the couch and read.

In five words: if you won $100 000.00, what would you spend it on?

– A self-sustaining mountain retreat.

In four words: if you could choose the epitaph on your gravestone, what would it read?

– Unafraid to speak up.

In three words: complete the sentence “My relationship with my in-laws could best be described as …”

– Duty driven diatribe.

In two words: if you could pursue another career, what would it be?

– Wildlife photographer.

In one word: what is the most important trait that you look for in a relationship?

– Kindness.

7 days in 7 words

My own personal mini-challange. In an attempt to curtail my usual verbose ramblings, one single utterance to encompase 24 hours. A terrifying prospect:-

Wednesday – Productive

Thursday – Diabolical

Friday – Hopeful

Saturday – Awkward

Sunday – Vexing

Monday – Encouraging

Tuesday – Lengthy

Wednesday – Porcine

A rollercoaster – trending dips, work needed!

And just because there is waning time to stop and smell the roses,¬†¬†pictorial participation ……………………