I am fascinated by fire (in a non pyromaniac way obviously) – there is something of a life in the heat and flickering light. There is constant change, ebb and flow in a primal unencumbered way. I searched the web for something literay to more accurately describe my thoughts but it was all too pretty (with apologies to the beauty of Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice”), there was none of the dark, intensity of flame.


“From the depths of its molten soul the fire god spoke these words,

Fear me,

Fear the touch of my hand

I will rip the life from your chest and consume it,

That which was, will be just a shell

Vulnerable, at risk

It’s very existence subject to my every whim”



Inert wood, dormant
No sign of the life within.
Strike, spark, ignition
A yellow tongue curls around the nubbly skin
Hesitant, questing, seeking energy.
Deeper, orange brown, growing, spreading
Heat, blue tipped – all consuming.
Riotous and rampant, life giving
Mesmerising – hidden secrets in it’s depths,
Shadows, leaping across the walls
Mythicial offspring of the flames.
The empire is crumbling,
The omnipotent conqueror’s power is fading
Frantic, searching
Feeding from within
Death comes in the flickering embers.