A little cottage by the lake


The photograph was taken in the KwaZulu midlands last year, the story is just that – a story.

The creak of her chair woke her up. She started, caught in the threads of a wonderful dream. A dream where Jimmy was still here, where she would step out on the porch and see him tying up at the jetty and come striding through the wildflowers, home to her.

The sadness gripped her heart, now all she had was his chair. It matched hers exactly, he had thought she was a silly goose when she insisted on a pair but now it made her smile. She could see the sag in the strapping and the shiny patina on the arms, the only visible signs of the passage of time and a lifetime of being together.

Not always happy times she thought as she struggled to her feet, the war and the depression had taken their toll but they’d stuck together through all of it. Jimmy would have liked today, the water was quiet and the mist rolling slowly down the hills like someone was shaking out a blanket. What did he used to call it, like a painting by van Gogh or something like that. He was a dreamer, was her Jimmy. She shivered, suddenly overtaken by a cold gloom and wrapped her shawl around her thin shoulders. The sky was darkening and over the way she could see the cows turning for home.

Time to go inside, she thought, tomorrow she would be back tomorrow.

Five Photographs – Image 4

The very elegant Arum Lily – sort of a last minute photograph, it was jammed in a small space next to a bridge, I couldn’t see the full extent of the foliage and the light was grim. Yet, in hindsight, I like the contrast between the hard lines of the bitumen infused planks, the glossy green leaves and the crispness of the lily flower.

The flower of human rights – an unlikely combination

There is a public holiday in South Africa today – Human Rights Day. A worthy celebration if ever there was one – the right to sustenance, employment, political freedom, safety, quality of life etc

Yet, (despite being especially proud of our piece of the planet) I look with a jaundiced eye at our own failings and those around the world – war, famine, poverty, discrimation, intolerance and while heaping praise on everybody that continues to fight the good fight and struggle uphill, unceasingly, I’m a little uncelebratory today!

Instead, on a selfish note, I’ve turned my focus back to our time away. The KZN Drakensberg is not known for its floral splendour – the harsh conditions are not condusive to blowsy splendour yet if you look a little closer you will find beauty in the smallest detail ….

I think DH was beginning to wonder if my knees were giving out as everytime he turned around I was on my knees peering at something in the veld.

Agapanthus as the sun goes down

“Lyrical” observation regarding the changing of the seasons …………….. be ready to be inspired …………………… at least it’s still light when I leave the office 😀

These were taken around 6.15pm last night – the flowers have been hammered by a recent deluge but the light is softer so they retain most of their beauty.