All good things come to an end

A week of sloth (some enforced – blackberry outage, grumph) has come to a grinding halt and Pandora’s box is once again happily spouting mayhem.

My loudly proclaimed “me, me, me” diatribe didn’t quite make seven days but it was distinctly therapeutic while it lasted. On Tuesday we had our October “be a tourist in your own town” session. We live within in a reasonable distance from this gem but have never visited, always being under the false impression that it was just a hotel or you just went there for a meal. Not so, Makaranga Lodge’s greatest attraction for us is its gardens. Initially DH was having none of it that we would be allowed to visit willy nilly but I persevered and we moseyed along. Wow, wow and wow – an oasis. They are a hidden paradise of botanical splendor in our urban (albeit green belt) sprawl.


Himself turned another year older this past week (bless, I did suggest a walking stick – won’t tell you the response :O) and we treated ourselves to a meal of splendid indulgence at Aubergine’s in Hillcrest. My favourite place in KZN to dine and they didn’t disappoint – ambience, food and service: the bees knees. They offer a prix fix menu (such a good idea) filled with such lip-smacking goodies as a cheese soufflé, falklands calamari and the chargrilled fillet (amongst many others) – oh my goodness.

Trois et Quatre

The rudiments and about what I remember of high school french – I always wanted to read the damn book, not stand up and flap my jaws!

A slovenly Sunday imbued with sizzling hot sunshine dicated the moment du jour. Entirely selfish yet heavenly couch schlumph with book 4 and 5 of Earths Children. I have been a fan of Jean M Auel since my teens and with book 6 “Land of Painted Caves” having just been published a little re-read was necessary (L.O.P.C. will be my christmas gift to myself). If you have a passion for the ancients coupled with a good yarn, don’t miss this wonderful series.

And then it was Monday – normally the “harbinger of doom” and the start button for a chaotic week ahead. Perhaps because of this dodgy reputation I chose to let the day manifest momentously (can a day manifest momentously – go on then.) For two hours, 120 minutes (DH was at a seminar hence carpe’ diem) I flicked the off switch. No radio, ipod, television, cell phone, laptop or book – my only company was myself.

Contemplative, introspective ……. beginning to fathom this going on retreat malarky. What a humdinger of a day 🙂

Getting away from it all – observations from the wild side

So DH and I went on holiday – we fled to the hills for a healthy dose of R and R, recharging the batteries, rejuvenating the mind and all the other lyrical pursuits much expounded by those in the know.

In a thatched sanctuary beneath the shadow of our favourite hilly host (can you have a favourite mountain?) we whiled away 5 splendid days.

Somehow, actually getting packed up and on the road is always fraught with high drama as we vociferously debate the number of t-shirts that one needs for a mid-week break liberally sprinkled with comments like *you cant possibly need another pair of socks*

And food – do you eat more on holiday than at home? We do, to the power 3.

Being sprogless we tend to travel out of school holidays benefitting from the solitude that is in abundance. The lure of the mountains revolves mostly around hiking. On most non-rainy days we are to be found out and about.

From mountain top to valley floor, whispering river to grassy knoll we walk and climb and breathe. By some stroke of luck we both favour similar pursuits and on this last expedition while lunching on top of the Sphinxs head,

we came across this delightful creature sunning himself under a bush and completely unperturbed by the presence of 2 humans.

As we carry our own supplies the likelihood of a gourmet spread is not great but he seemed quite content with a piece of cheese. There is great camaraderie and kinship in being out together and the wintery season adds to the uniqueness of the experience. The high peaks were enveloped in downy snow while we dozed on the slopes in the sunshine.

On a more esoterical but personal note, I derive great soul sustenance from mountains. They seem to exude stability and calmness that transcends all shenanigans that life brings with it. Now ………… after a visit from the men in white coats and on a practical note, are you a pretty walker? In other words, do you return from the great outdoors bearing a strong resemblance to Miss World cuddling her sceptre?

Well you see, not I! I can proudly raise my hand and say with conviction that I am always in an advanced state of disarray – excessively glowing with the make-up du jour a courageous smear of sun-cream.

Nature – love it or hate it, its never dull.

Bah Humbug – well sort of.

So it was going to be a new blog, a new site, plenty to do, plenty to say……………………………………..

2, almost 3 months down the line without musings!

So it’s Christmas Eve, I’m at work (which is good – my office is wonderfully peaceful and quiet, aircon is on (a hot SA summers day)) yet I feel as flat as yesterdays salad greens. Reasons, well not Christmas blues by any manner of means although maybe you could look at it that way. You see when I was young and my fabulosity knew no end I used to adore Christmas – prezzies, shopping, wrapping, carols, special food (you know the drill). And then I got married (to a wonderful man, just for clarity) into a family that had a Christmas Agenda related to every aspect of the holidays.

Lets see, I was raised with religion in my life but have drifted into a non-church going direction choosing instead to express my faith by the way I live on a day to day basis through charity, kindness etc etc. Now that’s where i apparently have turned into a dark spectre and have led DH (darling hub) astray. His parents are both of a dogma driven, regmented faith (which is fine too – whatever blows your hair back) who have developed the art of judging others and a vicious tongue that could fillet a whale shark to the highest level (hypocrit – you do the numbers). “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn” – I come from a small close-knit family where love abounds but it makes me want to grind my teeth to witness their treatment of DH. He is the only child still here (rest overseas) yet he may as well be the man behind the counter as the local supermarket for the amount of interest they take in his life (and yes he does try with his parents, I’m not blinkered to his or my failings).

Best BIL and co are out from Canada are out for the holidays yet we (well probably I, he seems able to ignore the ugliness) will schlumph off there tonight to make nice, ignore the snide comments, open truly awful presents (I mean, don’t bother – make a donation to charity. Last year a vase and matching plate in the colour scheme of their lounge – I got the vase, DH got the plate) and pretend to be the picture postcard happy clan. I don’t want to play anymore, is that selfish – probably most would say yes, they are his parents and you need to be the least … ad nauseum – well I say horse twaddle, a relationship (irrespective of it’s connection) is a two way street and you cannot just be constantly required to give.

On the giving thing – how difficult is it to buy a gift for somebody when you really, really dont want to? I dragged DH with me this year and made him choose for his parents – he was really thoughtful and (given past experience) I’m just a tad apprehensive as to their reaction and how he will take it (bit of a sensitive soul he has). This was the birthday sms (text) he got from them while we on holiday at our national game reserve “DH, Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad” – WHERE is the love people, where is the love?

So there you have it, my Christmas bounce is broken – I dont want to go tonight (but I have to as you know) – I’d rather be at home with DH in our own quiet little piece of paradise with good food, a decent glass of pink bubbles and a whole lot of nice. Armageddon looms – bah humbug, well sort of.


PS Christmas Day is with my mad family – LUVVERLEY.

PPS Merry Christmas everybody – peace and happiness all round irrespective of your belief.