Trois et Quatre

The rudiments and about what I remember of high school french – I always wanted to read the damn book, not stand up and flap my jaws!

A slovenly Sunday imbued with sizzling hot sunshine dicated the moment du jour. Entirely selfish yet heavenly couch schlumph with book 4 and 5 of Earths Children. I have been a fan of Jean M Auel since my teens and with book 6¬†“Land of Painted Caves” having just been published a little re-read was necessary (L.O.P.C. will be my christmas gift to myself). If you have a passion for the ancients coupled with a good yarn, don’t miss this wonderful series.

And then it was Monday – normally the “harbinger of doom” and the start button for a chaotic week ahead. Perhaps because of this dodgy reputation I chose to let the day manifest momentously (can a day manifest momentously – go on then.) For two hours, 120 minutes (DH was at a seminar hence carpe’ diem) I flicked the off switch. No radio, ipod, television, cell phone, laptop or book – my only company was myself.

Contemplative, introspective ……. beginning to fathom this going on retreat malarky. What a humdinger of a day ūüôā

Birds of a feather

play silly buggers and are remarkably unco-operative when it comes to posing for pictures! Despite dark glasses, a trilby hat and overcoat my feeble attempts at stalking their plumaged selves amounted to a hill of beans and a string of blurry photographs as they went streaking past my prone form into the heavens. After a flood of very uncivilised expletives I retreated into the lounge and took up a new position on my haunches in the bay window. These are the results (please note the slight silvery tinge is not as a result of grubby windows but because of the sunfiltering film that is in situ – well thats my theory anyway).

When I grow up I want to be a photographer


Ok so here’s the thing, I have indulged my¬†burgeoning delight in “proper”¬†photography and purchased a new camera. Over the aeons I have “officially” been designated she with the camera at all family functions, vacations etc and I have plied my trade willingly with various companions. Firstly a kodak instamatic something or other, then a glorious canon something or other (note my technical acumen) and then my first digital friend emanating as a free gift from a cell phone contract upgrade. Perfectly servicable was Fred but with a non-existant zoom and given our penchant for wildlife and mountains etc it was never going to quite suffice.¬†After months of “looking” I eventually settled on a Nikon Coolpix L120¬†– it was a toss up between this and the latest Canon but over the years canon seems to have forgotten south africa exists so their loss. As you might have gathered Annie Leibovitz I’m not but in short, loving my new addition (in a sexy deep red with black and silver trim) – it’s sturdy and stable and with practice (my macro close ups still have a bit of a shimmy) it’s going to be fabulous. I was practicing in the garden yesterday (DH thought practicing was a euphamism for not wanting to weed the rockery – never!) and herewith a few attempts.

There’s something about that man …….

The delicious Johnny Depp.

Traditional – not a hope, quirky is my best adjective.

Handsome – Certainly not chocolate box but there’s a twinkle in those eyes.

Talented – Multi-faceted, a man of many faces.

Loyal – You know what, I think he is – Vanessa is a very lucky girl.

He made me laugh in Pirates, he was glorious in Chocolate.

There’s something about that man that makes my toes curl!

“There are four questions of value in life… What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.”
Johnny Depp

Cooking with passion

I truly am the most appalling cook – for most things I have to have a recipe otherwise “shoe leather” is the watered-down description of the end product.


when it comes to pasta, there is something about noodles and tomatoes and cheese and mushrooms and garlic and red wine and prosciutto that lends itself to sexy and decadent and indulgent and luscious. With pasta even I can do gourmet and “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” is all too easy and the results, well, not too shabby.

What is it about italian that inspires even a culinary neanderthal like myself to rise to new heights?

Whatever ………………

“evviva per l’Italia