Twas in the merry month of May

To clarify, this the merry month of May was in the southern hemisphere and not north of the equator where, according to Joan Baez “the green buds all were swelling”.

In our part of the world May brings with it the first whisper of a cold breath, the grasslands become a golden carpet and the sky fades (just a little) to a pale blue.
DSCN0092DSCN0097DSCN0088                      DSCN0095

Some of the trees lose their swagger, fire is a great leveller, but retain a mysterious air with a life time of stories to tell.

“Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees.” Faith Baldwin, American Family

To everything there is a season

Ensconsed in my red jalopy outside the grocery store this post work session my weary peepers chanced upon a glorious sky bedecked with fans of pink and gold and a few careless whisps of the white fluffy stuff rimmed scarlet by the dying sun. There is change in the air – the brassy, strident demands of an “in your face ” summer are slowly and inexorably beginning to give way to a more laid back easy-going autumn.

The current miasmic soup that has long overstayed its welcome is none too encouraging but there is something lurking, I can just feel it. Of course if an apricot autumn went hand in hand with a rain squall or three all would be even and equitable but that’s a whole other diatribe. One’s gaze (well mine does anyway) turns inwards for a smidge of introspective re-examination (I think that’s the right word combo, sounds good anyway). What have I done in the last six months? What have I achieved? Have I made a difference in the greater scheme of things?

And do you know what struck me between the eyes (much like Hephaestus’s anvil gone astray) – absolutely diddly squat! As the never ending stream of bright-eyed lemmings stretched ahead of me on the highway, reaching for the horizon in some desperate attempt to escape the mundane, I realised that it’s ok – the lack of tangible achievement is not a crisis by any description. To whom do your hold yourself accountable, whose yardstick do you use to measure success – if you’re at peace in your own skin then the rest doesn’t matter.