All you need is love ……

ratatata. – horse bloody twaddle. If the only pre-requisite for a successful relationship was being in love then divorce lawyers would be out of a job! Relationships require work – knock, knock *hello, hello, anybody in there*. Right now swiflty clambering down from one soap box and onto the next ……………

Valentines Day – red and pink and cupid and teddy bears and schmaltz! So in the spirit of cock – a – mamie Monday I throw a curved ball at the world – if it’s all about love (which I know is in direct contrast to my opening parry but work with me here) then why is love only celebrated once a year???? Ah hah – check mate, the prosecution rests its case without too much further comment.

Here’s a controversial thought that will send all the schmaltz producers into a veritable pink fit – celebrate the goodness every day with your words and deeds (save some trees, close some sweat shops and prevent soft toys ending up on the rubbish heap (is that just not the saddest sight 😦

I adore fresh flowers (especially roses) but on our first “valentines day” (which was a multiple decades ago) DH bought me a red silk rose. To be honest, I was a smidge disappointed but then he said “I bought you a silk rose so that it, like our love, will last forever” (good save you might say)….it’s entwined around my kitchen calendar – it makes me smile and when I want “real” roses I buy my own!

How much heartache because you didn’t get a card or flowers, or a squishy toy on 14 February – phooey! Personally I’d rather an sms in the middle of the day, a skype message in the afternoon or a warm smile when I open my eyes. Besides have you noticed the stratospheric prices – a friend of mine is in the “business” (she’s a real sweetheart despite this epic failing in choice of profession) and everything gets escalated by 200% in most cases.

DH and I do like a bit of romance though and we have a pair of “lovebirds” in the garden. Yesterday a tortured whisper of “darling, Slinky has a girl – bring your camera” had me haring upstairs to peek. Ahem, people of the world meet “Slinky” a striped skink that lives inside the iron clad decorative guinea fowl in the garden and likes to sunbathe

He’s a bit of a poser is our boy 😉 

and this (we think) is his girl (currently nameless).

She’s also quite shy and retiring (this was as close as I was “allowed” to get before she skedaddled into the ferns).

Then again, I suppose, it could of course be the other way around ……. hmmm no matter as sexing a lizard is not my forte and not a skill I care to cultivate any time soon!