Breakfast with a difference

The mind is a powerful instrument, often neglected and abused by its master. It willingly embarks on flights of fantasy … while riding out the remote impact (read outrageous gusts of wind and heaving buckets of rain) of cyclone irina this afternoon I was insteadĀ battling the Uruk Hai alongside the brave defenders of Helms Deep.

In a similar fashion, an impromptu breakfast trip less than 30 minutes up the road and I was Karen Blixen in Out of Africa. The delights of Tala Private Game Reserve, a hidden gem in an urban enviroment.

Granted we were there early on a Saturday morning, out of school holidays but it was an oasis of calm enhanced by a stellar meal!

“You cant be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideaology of a violet” – Hal Borland Sundial of the Seasons 1964