That blogging thing

“So are you still doing that blogging thing” – the question echoed and bounced and did a little twirl and then my phone rang so I could safely ignore that niggling thought.

Yes, well, um not exactly.

That blogging thing got shafted while life and death and illness and stuff just got in the way and the years literally flew by. I religiously renewed my domain name and was going to start again and well yes.

So now I’m starting again, choosing images to delight and then hopefully the words will follow.

Blue is peace, blue is calm, blue is infinity, blue is soothing, blue is the embodiment of soul.


To be happy or to be honest

The never ending question – to write a “happy” blog filled with pink froth and an overwhelming flood of schmaltz, a rose tinted view of life and living or an honest blog. If not in cyberspace, then where else can you be completely open and upfront and vent your frustrations and “rage against the dying of the light”  Dylan Thomas  – especially when the rest of the humanity lives with this warped impression that you’re such a happy puppy.

I think Shakespeare might have just hit the nail right on the head with “to thine own self be true” YET I am such a hypocrit in this respect as I dont practice what I preach despite expounding the virtues of non-pretension to all who will listen. Bleugh, perhaps one New Years resolution that should be carved in stone .