What I thought about today – Day 1

Most days are just a mundane flow of thoughts and routine blips on the radar and then you get days where you think, a lot. So I saw a video clip on social media the other day of a young woman, in her 20’s I would guess, taking part in some sort of parade. She had on a t shirt and shorts so perfectly adequately clad. I still fail to see how your choice of clothing apparently gives other people any rights over you but just in case you were wondering. Anyhow there she was, bouncing along and seemingly enjoying the experience when some disgrace of a man comes up behind her and starts putting his hands all over her. As it would he certainly got his arse handed to him as she physically beat him off and was then aided by another young woman who chased him away.

What really pissed me off and got me to thinking was that it’s the 21st century and yet there still isn’t anywhere that’s completely safe as a woman where you can go and enjoy yourself without some fool getting in your face. For clarity, because I know there’s going to be some “gift to the world” out there who’s going to want to justify something, I’m straight and married to a good man. With that said, even if I was as alternative as ….”…….. (insert your own example here because what is alternative to some is everyday living to others) what gives any person the right to assault (because that’s what it is) another person because apparently just because defies explanation.

As much as I’m sure there are incidents of women sexually and mentally abusing men, my train today is men abusing women. So yes the #metoo and every other inspirational campaign that involves women taking back their power is relevant here. Wait, did I hear somebody roll their eyes, you better damn well believe it – the time is now. So here’s my thing – speak up, every time – support each other, every time – believe what she says, every time.

“A woman is unstoppable after she realises she deserves better”.

Depravity to the Nth degree

I’m so blown away on this fine African summer’s afternoon I actually don’t quite know how to begin. Over a hasty cup of coffee tucked in between meetings (should be banned, what a waste of precious time), I came across this article on a girl called Sarah. Be warned it will stop your heart and my mocha chocolate was liberally flavoured with salty tears. Now the thing is, it wasn’t so much the attack as such – as dreadful a thing as that is to say one has almost got used to to violence againt women – fabulous is the human race 😦

What freaked me out was the process – the cold, calculated set up by someone close. The deliberate, evil intention to do harm to this precious being AND the response by so many people to fulfill her supposed desires. What does this say about humanity (some of the locals  felt sorry for the attacker!) – where is the compassion, where is the (excuse the pun) humanity?

Do yourself a favour today and read this article – tell others – and never let it happen again. My hat off to all the survivors and to everybody that has had the courage to speak out.

“Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” ~British statesman Edmund Burke