On “fitting in” or not (Zambia Chapter 2)

This is the view of Royal Chundu from the Zambezi river. Stand alone villas, beautifully appointed, each blessed with an inspiring deck reaching out into the water – seemingly purpose built to while away the hours.

A few precious minutes snatched one early morning, away from the wedding hubbub and a moment of quiet at the subsequent reception resulted in the most intense feeling of dejavu!

In my youth, especially at high school, I was never much concerned with the whole “fitting in” and “being part of the in crowd” phenomenon. I liked to do my own thing, at my own pace and be with people of my choosing.

Bizarrely, post appetiser and pre mains – bombarded by conversation and music there was a resounding take two …..

Done pretending to be interested in mundane conversation

Done trying to fit the mould … daughter-in-law / sister-in-law

Done caring whether you approve

Comfortable being me – partner/friend/wife/lover/fine woman